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Families To Beyond Addiction

Family Mood Transformation

Live Life BEYOND…. the HIDDEN BLOCKS and BARRIERS that have been holding you in an unhappy place....

EVEN if….

  • A person is ‘In-denial’ or doesn’t recognise the need for or want help.
  • A person has had decades of unsuccessfully trying to get well, even after months, years and even decades of treatments.

Mark Styles

Collaborative Individual & Family Recovery Pathways Specialist
Integrative Consulting Addictionologist
Addiction and Mental Health Certified Recovery Nutritional Coach

Empowering Families, Individuals in Families (Including Children and Young People) & Practitioners TO ACHIEVE BIG RESULTS from….

….Being Worried About, Impacted By or Trapped in Dependency, Addiction or Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS)

through our
Families To Beyond Addiction Courses

to....the BIG RESULT

.... Of Families being empowered to prevent pre-birth-to-addiction spectrum, its progression into full active addiction or reward deficiency.

Or A struggling family member and their whole family GETTING TO ACHIEVE a rewarding and sustained RECOVERY BEYOND 5-year remission from the impacts of pre-birth-to-addiction spectrum or RDS.

….You or A Family Member Needing or Wanting Life To Be Little Better Than It Is Right Now

through our 
Family Mood Transformation Journeys

to.... the BIG RESULT

.... Of Families and individuals (including children and young people) being empowered to prevent or identify and Live BEYOND the actual and repairable root causes of stress, anxiety, depression and struggles with energy, behaviour, & emotional / mental health. 

People GET TO ACHIEVE these results….

....EVEN if the family member is 'in-denial' or 
- Doesn't see the need for help or
- Doesn't want help

Discover How Right Now

YES, Please email me the
Introduce me to how I can achieve the above results for.... 

My or A Clients Family To Live Beyond Addiction
My or A Client Family's Mood Cure

A Few of The Life-Changes I Have Had the Privilege of Empowering

Families To Beyond Addiction

  •  In-Denial Alcoholic: After years ‘in-denial’ and refusing to accept he had a problem - he asked his family for help and was in rehab within a few weeks of my working with family (Repeated with numerous families).  
  • Mother mid 40’s Drinking 6 ½ Litres of Wine Children Taken Into Care: Lifecycle Check-Up™ carried out and Collaborative Blueprint Recovery Journey led to bio-nutritional sobriety in 48 hours, children returned and 5-Year remission.  
  • 25-Year Functioning Alcoholic ‘In-Denial’ Factory Manager: Engaged in recovery process within 2 weeks. Undertook emergency detox treatment and then Live Life BEYOND.... process – retained job and family life. 
  • ​​Twice Dead on the Streets and Resuscitated Drug Addicted Daughter: But she enjoyed her drug use. Mum had given up hope of saving her. Awareness work with the family led to a loving intervention – Rehabilitation and a long-term recovery for the whole family.

Family Mood Transformations

  • Depression: Back to work after 5 weeks of Amino Acid Therapy (after 15 months off work on anti-depressants changed nothing). 
  • ​Anxiety: 72-year-old mother, lived in 9/10 daily anxiety whole life – Lifecycle Check-Up™ then Amino Acid Therapy and Deliberate Lifecycle Training – After 4 weeks anxiety levels down to 3 or 4/10  
  • Energy Levels: Best energy levels in 20 years after 4 days of Amino Therapy. 
  • Aggression, Temper & Violence: Moods were levelled, and aggression ceased after 3 days, where years of psychotropic medication had failed.  
  • ​UK Drug & Alcohol Driving and Criminal Cases: 100% Success in recovery engagement and prevention of custodial sentences – many case outcomes.​
  • ​Gaming Addiction?: Referral from addiction clinic director of a 16-year-old after 3 months treatment. A genetic vitamin b12 fault – causing a coping mechanism of gaming - not an addiction!!! Healthy lifestyle restored after 6-weeks.


Mood Imbalance and Pre-Birth-To-Addiction & RDS Spectrum 

If you look at the “Tree and Roots of Mood, Mental, Emotional, Behavioural, Energy, & Physical Dis-Ease, Birth-To-Addiction Spectrum and Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS)” (diagram below) you will see that there are over 100 – ‘CAUSING and SUSTAINING FACTORS’.

While some of these (mostly the ‘above-ground’ factors) can be more easily identified and partially or (some) even wholly repaired or overcome by talking and other very good therapies….

…. there are many ‘causational and sustaining-factors’ (mostly ‘below-ground’ factors) that are RARELY EVER IDENTIFIED, let alone treated, by the established state-run OR private traditional medicine and therapy treatment protocols and programmes. 

In fact, there are very few ‘causational or sustaining’ factors of mood, mental, emotional, energy, behavioural, physical, dependency, birth-to-addiction spectrum and reward deficiency conditions, symptoms and life-impacts that are even looked for – let alone identified or recovery solutions offered!

For example. did you know there are;

13 Bio-chemical causes of Depression?

7 Bio-chemical causes of Anxiety?

5 Different Types of Alcoholic related Depression?

6 'Bio-Type' Responses to Alcohol? (3 of which are non-alcoholic responses and 3 Alcoholic responses)? (And knowing which 'Alcohol Bio-Type you are can greatly improve your likelihood of being able to achieve a rewarding and sustained recovery and life beyond dependency or addiction?) 

10 Genes that we can identify connected to the brain's Reward Pathway? With.... 

22 Risk Variations or alleles playing a significant role in the development and experiencing some 36 Reward Deficiency Behaviours (see below) across....

4 Types of Reward Deficiency Behaviors? 

5 'False-Mood' States that are caused by Neurotransmitter Deficiencies?

10 Adverse Childhood Experiences, or “ACEs,” that often correlate to challenges later in life, including higher risk of certain health problems?

130+ Identifiable Mood-Imbalance and Addiction Causing and Sustaining Factors? Across....

57 Key Elements of life? That we can take deliberate control over through.... 

6 Key segments of our Daily Lifecycle? 

Quite simply, people who live in wellness, with a rewarding life or who recover (or seem to recover) more quickly than others.... 

EITHER have less ‘CAUSATIONAL’ or ‘SUSTAINING’ factors preventing them from achieving wellness and rewarding enjoyment of life.


They have successfully identified, repaired and learnt how to deliberately live life BEYOND…. EACH and EVERY ONE of their ‘Unique-To-Them’ combination of the 130+ To-Addiction-Sustaining-Factors (ASF’s).

The BIG Question….

Is WHICH are you or WHICH is the person you care about or are working with?

If someone does not have any of the ‘deep-rooted’ (‘below ground-level’) factors and few of the ‘above-ground’ factors going on – they will likely be able to get to live a rewarding life in wellness or recover their life to back on track pretty quickly.

They might have a course of counselling or attend a support group for a few months, do some self-development work or have treatment or a detox or some coaching and their life may become rewarding and in balance very quickly.

On the other hand. 

A person who has 10, 15, 20 or 30 of the ‘Causational’ and ‘Sustaining’ factors going on (nearly ALWAYS UN-IDENTIFIED through traditional wellness and recovery processes), who doesn't pro-actively repair or remove each of the factors from their life will keep going around the circle of treatment, recovery activities and relapsing into illness and ‘dis-ease’ and have to keep trying again.... and again.... and again.... and again.... and again.... and again....

....Some, even, for many for decades! 

Some of course never achieving wellness, recovery or a rewarding life and even die early!

Pre-Birth-To-Addiction & RDS Spectrum 

Addiction Does Not Just Occur: It Is The Progressive Adding Of (and failure to identify and repair) A Growing Number Of Spectrum Factors (often over decades) Starting From Pre-Birth

If You Don't Repair Your Brain's Bio-Chemical 'Reward Pathway' - You Will Remain In or Return To Imbalanced Moods and/or Active Addiction or Reward Deficiency

RDS - Reward Deficiency Syndrome

We can run a laboratory genetic test to empower you to prevent the onset of or repair Reward Deficiency Syndrome Behaviours .

7 Biggest HIDDEN Factors That Cause Relapse for Up To 10-Years
That Almost NO Treatment Programmes Look For

  • 47 Post-ABSTINENCE Symptoms: That we now know can REMAIN for up to 10-YEARS if not addressed
  • ​DID YOU KNOW....
  • ​95% of Alcohol Addicted Suffer from Hypoglycemia: No. 1 Cause of Relapse for YEARS after stopping drinking IF not PERMANENTLY ADDRESSED
  • ​Adrenal Fatigue Caused by Prolonged Hypoglycemia: Is responsible for people living in 'Dry Drunk Syndrome' for years into sobriety often leading to relapse
  • 40% of Addicted People Suffer from Pyroluria: Underpins anxiety, inner tension inability to handle stress or change and relapse
  • ​25% of Alcohol Addicted Suffer from Candida: Causing depression, acute fatigue, indigestion, migraine premenstrual syndrome and supporting relapse
  • ​​73% of Addicted People Suffer from Food Allergies: With most common allergies being to wheat and dairy products, which lead to cravings and relapse
  • ​Over 50% of the Cause AND Repeating Relapse of Addiction is GENETIC: Failing to repair any of the 13 addiction/RDS gene variations present can PROLONG REPEATED RELAPSE FOR Years, if not DECADES. 


Why Haven’t You (or Someone You Care About) Achieved Wellness, A Sustained Recovery or A Rewarding Life Yet?

You (or they) simply have not YET accurately identified all of your/their ‘Causational’ and ‘Sustaining’ Factors of your/their mood, mental, emotional, behavioural, energy, &/or physical dis-ease, birth-to-addiction spectrum or reward deficiency syndrome….

….and have not therefore YET been given access to each of the solutions necessary to free you/them to move your/their life BEYOND the impacts of your/their ‘causational’ and ‘sustaining’ factors!

So How Can You Choose the Length of Your or A Family Members or Clients Recovery Journey?

  • 1 Identify your current ‘Causational’ and ‘Sustaining’ Factors. Through an Initial and Then Regular 130+ Live Life BEYOND Prevention and Recovery Check-Ups
  • Get the REPAIR and Live-Beyond SOLUTIONS to EVERY one of your ‘Unique-To-You Combination of Factors’. Through your Up-To-Date ‘Unique-To-You’ BLUEPRINT (that you receive from your 130+ Check-Up
  • 3 Implement of each of your solutions through multiple recovery collaborations. By Taking Supported ‘Unique-To-You’ Actions. Using ALL disciplines, specialisms and skills necessary.
  • ​4. REPEAT the CYCLE - Carry out regular Check-Ups to self-manage, monitor and continue taking deliberate actions to keep your life and health the best it can be. [Weekly early on in your life-change journey, progressing to bi-weekly, then monthly and then quarterly].

    To any ‘set-point’ remission point.
  • Afterall – This is your TOTAL HEALTH, WELLNESS and HAPPINESS we are talking about – Why wouldn’t you want to have a regular SELF-CHECK-UP to keep on top of your wellness and living a rewarding life?

'Unique-To-You' Blueprint To Recovery and Wellness


  • Science and Research-Backed: Every solution that we provide is either scientifically-based or research-based. Using discovery methods and solutions that have been developed around the world in some of the best centres of excellence and by some of the world's leading authorities across all 130+ Causing and Sustaining Factors over the last 5 decades.
  • 'Whole-Person' Approach: We humans are complex machines. Our problems are inter-connected to multiple parts of our body and brain systems. Our approach seeks to help us make real and lasting repairs in a multi-system way - NOT just treating a single symptom.
  • Empowering You To Take Supported Self-Action NOW: Not waiting until you have the good fortune to either get to the top of a waiting list or have the luck to find a specialist who can actually help you.
  • Discovering PRECISELY Which Factors Have Been Holding You Back: That traditional health systems NEVER look for.
  • FREE Information and Self-Solution Access: To as many people as possible. To empower people to undertake their own recovery journeys.
  • £ Investment 'One-To-One', 'One-To-Family' and Group Recovery Journeys: With MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE for EVERY Initial Investment. Preventing families and individuals from throwing any more 'good money' after 'bad solutions'.
  • ​​Presenting You With A Written BLUEPRINT: That is 'Unique-To-You', Tells you things you've never discovered before, containing real solutions that make sense to you.
  • Access to Our Growing ​Local and Global Practitioner and Support Network: Providing you with COLLABORATIVE access to ALL the necessary disciplines, specialties, skills, techniques and support that you need to implement your 'Unique-To-You', BLUEPRINT-Led Journey to recovery and Life BEYOND.... Whatever has been holding you, your family, a loved-one or client back. 

Bringing All The Necessary Skills, Practitioners and Specialisms Around Your Recovery Journey....
Starting with Probably the Most Comprehensive Self-Discovery Check-Up Available in The UK
Linked to A Network of Solutions That You Have Discovered Are Likely To Work For YOU 

The human body and mind is probably one of the most complex 'machines' on earth. 

It has many systems that function together - and yet when we have an emotional, behavioural or mental health problem we so often rely on just ONE practitioner or strategy and expect to get better.

If you take an aircraft for example (another complex machine) - does it get checked out by just an electrical engineer? NO! It takes a myriad of specialists to both discover potential issues and then effect repairs to keep the plane flying safely.

A house build doesn't just take a bricklayer to build it and maintain it. It requires a plethora of disciplines from architects through a whole array of trades and skills.

Today, cars are complex machines, that don't just take a mechanic to diagnose a problem and carry out maintenance and repairs. They take a whole range of highly specialist disciplines.

We know and understand that when it comes to aircraft, houses, cars and many other things in life - when a fault occurs - it is SO OFTEN something HIDDEN - that we couldn't see and didn't even know was a 'thing' - UNTIL a specialist is able to diagnose the problem and direct how we can fix it!

An yet, when it comes to what should be the most precious thing in our lives - US - OUR BODY AND BRAIN - we simply just don't take this on board!

We maybe see a general practitioner (MD) or if we're depressed, we may see a counsellor or anxious - we might see a therapist. With a pain we might see a physiotherapist, with addiction we might go to rehab or see a counsellor.

In ALMOST EVERY INSTANCE, we tend to 'try' out one possible solution at a time.

Often living from Crisis-To-Crisis and trying one 'solution' after the other - with NO ASSESSMENT as to whether the 'solution' is appropriate to our actual 'unique-to-the-individual' problem.

This is a huge cause of both poor recovery, no recovery and even worsening health!
You see, if depressed neither the GP (MD) or counsellor will take a look and see if the true cause of your depression is a genetic problem or one of the 13 Bio-chemical causes of depression. And no amount of talking therapy will EVER repair a genetic issue or some of the bio-chemical causes. That's like an electrician trying to 'talk' a faulty wiring circuit in your house back into working again! And yet that's precisely what thousands of people are doing right now! 

That's what the hundreds of people I have worked with have been doing for often DECADES, before they got to work with myself and my colleagues across the Network.

The therapist trying to help you with your anxiety won't know to look for whether any of the 7 bio-chemical causes or a genetic variation are the true foundation of your anxiety! So just like my 72 year old client who had lived with anxiety all her life trying 'treatment' many times with NO IMPACT.
Whereas within 6 weeks, we had helped her discover the TRUE foundational cause of her anxiety and with nutritional change - her anxiety reduced dramatically - because we discovered her bi-chemical imbalancing - that a lifetime of GP's, therapists and medication had not discovered.

The addictions counsellor or rehab, however good they are, will not in the vast majority of cases even know that there are 130+ Addiction-Causing and Sustaining Factors that take people into and keep them returning to active addiction - often for DECADES - all because know one knew to look for them!

The reality for us is that we are used to seeing our clients and community regularly move there lives BEYOND.... any number of struggles from stress to anxiety, depression, low energy, behavioural, emotional, mental health and addiction. 

Let our ground-breaking Check-Up and network of local and global solution providers work COLLABORATIVELY together and with you to help you, your family or clients LIVE LIFE BEYOND.... 

A Small Example of Some of The Specialisms and Disciplines in Our Practitioner and Support Network

  • Functional Medicine Practitioners and Doctors 
  • Clinical Ecologists
  • ​Neuroplasticity 
  • Genomics 
  • ​Nutritional Therapy
  • ​Life Coaching
  • ​Biochemical Nutrition
  • ​Amino Acid Therapy
  • ​Neurofeedback
  • ​Counselling
  • ​Internal Family systems
  • ​Dieticians
  • ​Trauma Recovery
  • ​Homeopathy
  • ​Reiki
  • ​Neurotransmitter Depletion Rebalancing Therapy
  • ​Parent Child Interactive Therapy
  • ​Private Doctors
  • ​Medical Referrals
  • ​Ethical In-patient Addiction Centre Referrals
  • Certified Recovery Nutritional Coaches 
  • ​Neuropsychology
  • ​Laboratory Testing 
  • ​Orthomolecular Medicine
  • ​Neurobiology
  • ​Addictionology
  • ​Brain/Body Health Optimization
  • ​Somatic Therapy
  • ​EMDR
  • ​Auricular Acupuncture
  • ​Outdoor Activity Therapies
  • ​Exercise and Fitness
  • ​Health Coaching
  • ​Herbology
  • ​Nutraceutical Therapy
  • ​Reward Pathway Repair Therapy
  • ​CBD Therapy
  • ​Private Prescribers
  • ​Psychiatric Referrals
  • ​Ethical In-patient Mental-Health Clinic Referrals


NOT QUITE READY To Take Action?....
Learn More....

I appreciate that when you are looking for a NEW WORKABLE SOLUTION to any struggles that you, a member of your family or a client is experiencing and that you want to help with - You may well want to discover more.
You can do this by joining my "How To Live Life BEYOND...." email, webinar and live event Discovery Series - by popping your name and email into the boxes below and hitting the blue button.

To help your discovery journey on the way, I will email you my "Simple Blueprint" to set you on your path of discovery.
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My or A Clients Family To Live Beyond Addiction
My or A Client Family's Mood Transformation

Make A RISK-FREE Start to Discover Your 'Unique-To-You' Blueprint / Personal Manual / Journey Plan

The Full 130+ Check-Up and 'Unique-To-You Blueprint' has been developed using research and practice from across world-leading clinics, practices and specialists in the fields of addiction, behaviour and mental health.
Over its years of development it has been the bedrock of many whole family rewarding recoveries taking not only addiction-related individuals and families to beyond 5-year remission from addiction, but also non-addiction related families and individuals lives to living beyond things like stress, anxiety, depression, energy, behavioural, emotional and mental health struggles.
The Check-Up .
Full 130+ Check-Up and 'Unique-To-You' Blueprint To Living Life BEYOND.... 
Single Payment
  • For 'Family Mood Cure' 
  • For 'Family To Beyond Addiction'
  • Full 130+ Check-Up and 'Unique-To-You' Blueprint To Living Life BEYOND....
  • We GUARANTEE to DISCOVER What Factors Have Been Holding You or A Family Member Back from Achieving Life BEYOND.... 
  • Full MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on ALL Initial Investments
  • Can be undertaken by:
  • Yourself
  • By You For A Family Members Recovery Journey - EVEN IF....
  • ....They are ‘In-denial’.
  • ....They don’t recognise the need for help.
  • ....They don’t want help.
  • ....They have years or even decades of unsuccessfully trying to get well, even after months, years and even decades of treatments.
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  • ​Families To Beyond Addiction: "Family Journey To Life BEYOND Addiction."
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